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Zombicide 2nd Edition: Rio Z Janeiro Expansion

Zombicide 2nd Edition: Rio Z Janeiro Expansion

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Who wouldn’t want to head to Rio de Janeiro for Carnivale? The bright lights. The great food. The parades. The outfits. However, all is not well in the streets. Instead of floats and feathers, they’re filled with the walking dead, ready to add to the shambling hordes. This vacation just turned into a fight for life.

Zombicide: Rio Z Janeiro is a new campaign expansion for Zombicide 2nd edition. The setting is the busy streets of Rio de Janeiro where the Survivors must make it out of town as quickly as they can. However, along the way, they learn of a potential cure for the plague. Can they get to it in time, or must they head out to sea? This set includes an all-new narrative campaign to take players through a harrowing story of survival.

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