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Witcher [The Witcher: Old World - Big Box, All-In]

Witcher [The Witcher: Old World - Big Box, All-In]

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Step into the witcher universe with 'The Witcher: Old World,' a competitive adventure board game. Play as a witcher, battling monsters, completing quests, and making moral choices. Choose from five schools, build unique card decks, and aim for powerful combos. Be the first to acquire trophies by slaying monsters, winning tavern brawls, or mastering quests to secure victory in this thrilling game.

Let the Witcher Organizer be your companion on your quest. It keeps all cards, coins and tokens organized in one box, while the other accessories, like miniatures, maps and playerboards can be stored in the other box.


•  Designed for the 2-box version

•  Organizes all cards and tokens

•  Works with sleeved cards

•  Tested with Swan and Gamegenic sleeves

•  Thematically engraved components

•  4 card holders that can function as draw- and throw deck trays in-game

•  Various labelled card holders

•  Card holder for base cards with floating divider

•  3-level token holder

•  Token tray with lid

•  Big monster card holder

•  Tray for drawbag


•  The Witcher: Old World - Big Box, All-In

•  Monster Pack

•  Ciri

•  Wild Hunt

•  Skellige

•  Legendary Hunt

•  Mages

•  Monster Trail

•  Adventure Pack

Lid sits flush and it can be stored vertically. Compatible with the Big Box edition. 1 box stores the miniatures, maps and playerboards in their original storage, the other box stores the organizer with all cards, coins and tokens.

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