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Weather Machine with Solo Mode and Metal Machine Parts

Weather Machine with Solo Mode and Metal Machine Parts

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  • The Weather Machine KS Edition pledge contains:

    • Weather Machine KS Edition

    • Solo Mode

    • All Unlocked Stretch Goals

    • Metal Machine Parts

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“Natural disasters will soon be a thing of the past!” proclaimed Professor Sêni Lativ, Project Chief of Meteorological Manipulation at Lightning Technologies. Tests of his new invention, the Weather Machine, showed positive results. Visions of quelling floods, subduing cyclones, and ending droughts made him smile.

In Weather Machine, you are scientists on Prof. Lativ’s team, tampering with local weather: adjusting rainfall for farms, maintaining wind and clear skies for ecological energy sources, and tweaking the temperature for resorts and sporting events. The prototype is quite effective so far; however, a pattern has emerged, revealing a worrying side effect: Each use of the Weather Machine also alters the conditions elsewhere on the planet — a “butterfly effect”.

"We must build a new prototype,” he announces as the agents shoot him sidelong glances; “…but this time we’re going to get it right.” The agents silently give a single, crisp nod of confirmation. “The government is funding this, and we will succeed.” As Prof. Lativ explains the plan, the need to secure suppliers for sufficient bots and chemicals is clear. In addition to the materials, time is of the essence; you must be focused and efficient to have any hope of reining this growing global terror, Earth’s atmosphere before conditions are too harsh for Homo sapiens and other species.

History by Nathan Morse

The Weather Machine game is my fictional vision of what humanity has been doing with the weather during the last 150 years. In short words, we have been playing with the weather, but even with good intentions, by keeping doing it, we have only been making it worse. And at this point, we panic and need to fix this mess we made before it’s too late. The funny part is that who manage to find solutions for the monster we create are rewarded for it.
I really think Weather Machine is a unique game. All the mechanisms work on their own in a very particular and original way, but they are all strictly connected to achieve one and only one thing. The fix of the extreme weather. the game altogether is the Weather Machine. I think that is what makes it unique. I can’t recall any other worker placement game using these mechanisms and connections.


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