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Orange Nebula

Vindication: World Box Odyssey Bundle

Vindication: World Box Odyssey Bundle

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The first of the World Box promo boxes from 'Orange Nebula', World Box: Odyssey includes all sorts of swagger-worthy Vindication loot gloriously crammed into one case.

• Neoprene game board, deeply plus with merrowed edges and all-new artwork.

• 'Odyssey' mini-expansion module with a dual-layered board that enables you to send your companions on odysseys: excursions away from the party to retrieve all sorts of things and gain you honor.

• 15-card `Promo Pack 2020` that introduces a new mechanic and a twist on a familiar card type.

• A high-quality patch and sticker with a powerful message attached.

A worthy haul for a discerning wretch such as yourself.

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