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The Animals of Baker Street

The Animals of Baker Street

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A delightful cooperative investigation game in which you play the detective.

Play as four clever animals of the famous Baker Street as they encounter mysterious situations in this thrilling detective game. Uncover information, collect objects and weave them together to crack the case.

You will have to investigate mysteries that even Sherlock Holmes, the greatest of detectives, does not always suspect.  Fortunately, you neighbourhood animals are watching out! Choose a place to move to discover the secrets of Baker Street. The game uses a clever card mechanism to advance the story and to gather clues about the characters, places and objects you encounter during your adventure.

The Animals of Baker Street immerses you in endearing universe, full of mysteries. The high quality narration in the game was developed by Dave Neale, an expert in the world of Sherlock Holmes if ever there was one, and by Clémentine Beauvais, famous author of more than 30 works in children's literature, and very active in the field of translations.

A total of 7 investigations will be presented to you with full replayability to discover all the mysteries of Baker Street and find all the little elements that you missed on your first visit.

Animals of Baker Street requires problem solving, communication, observation and deductive skills. Reading is required so children need to be confident readers or have some adult help.

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