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Shinto Storage - Rising Sun Daimyo Box

Shinto Storage - Rising Sun Daimyo Box

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• Weight: 2.5kg


You enjoy the core box of Rising Sun and you also own the Daimyo Box which came in the Kickstarter, then this insert was made for you. It grants you easy access and a very quick setup for all those extra monsters and clan figures.

The box lid will be lifted by 5mm with the insert inside. The clan trays are interchangeable if you own our Daimyo Box insert and have the other three clans as well.


• Separate tray for each new clan, with an engraving on the front for quick identification (sun, moon, fox)

• 2 small and one big tray for those huge monster figures

• Separate tray for the Kami figures, one for the Lucky gods and a third tray for the rest

• Engraved parts ensure to give you an identification where goes which monster

• Supports sleeved cards

• Plastic clips to ensure a good grip on the miniature bases

• Holds the Kami Unbound, Dynasty Invasion and Monster Pack


• Rising Sun: Daimyo Box

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