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Robinson Crusoe – Everything New Pledge

Robinson Crusoe – Everything New Pledge

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  • The Everything New Pledge contains:

    • Robinson Crusoe: Collector's Edition

    • The Book of Adventures

    • All unlocked stretch goals

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Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island is a cooperative adventure game in which 1 to 4 players take on the roles of castaways trying to survive on a desert island. They explore the land to gather resources, construct shelter to protect themselves from the weather elements, build tools, and fight wild animals. The game comes with many scenarios and several hundred cards giving it an enormous replayability. No gameplay is the same.
The game was first created in 2012, won many prestigious awards and has been ranked on BoardGameGeek Top 100 ever since. This time Robinson Crusoe is coming to Gamefound with the new Collector's Edition as well as its newest expansion The Book of Adventures.

Game Overview

Robinson Crusoe is a cooperative adventure game in which players try to survive on a desert island while completing the goals of a chosen scenario. Every scenario is completely unique—with diverging goals, rules, and stories.
Characters and their Determination 
At the beginning of the game every player chooses a Character. Each Character has their own unique skills to use throughout the game. Their skills can be activated by spending Determination, which is dependent on the morale and health of the survivors in the Camp. Keeping Characters happy and healthy is important to survive on the pesky island. 
Slow and Steady or Rush and Risk?
Each day, players assign their Characters actions to perform on the island, such as building, exploring, hunting, gathering, or arranging the camp. Player cooperation is of utmost importance. A lot of things need to be done to ensure survival, yet the time and resources of players are limited which is why players may be tempted to rush the job, by splitting their Characters to complete 2 tasks dangerously instead of one task carefully. 
But rushing the job means risking the failure. The outcome of such risky actions is resolved by rolling the Action dice, which determines success or failure, possible wounds and unexpected Adventures, which may bring consequences in the future rounds. No risk, no fun!
Beat the Odds
Innovation is key to success. Characters spend resources and treasures they have found to build shelter improvements, items, and weapons. Sometimes they must build certain items or find new terrain types on the island in order to build other, more advanced innovations.
Island of Danger
Living on a desert island is risky. Exploring new areas lures out many wild Beasts. You never know what kind of animal might hide around the corner. Players can hunt Beasts for food and valuable fur, but risk taking wounds if not well equipped for the fight. That’s why upgrading weapon level is vital for survival on the island.
At the Mercy of the Weather
Brutal weather is another challenge that makes building a sound shelter and gathering resources very important. The weather is determined  by rolling the Weather dice. When it gets cold, players must burn wood to stay warm, otherwise their health deteriorates. When it’s pouring rain, their shelter needs a sufficient roof to keep them comfortable.
Provide for Your People
Food and other resources are necessary for everyday maintenance. Each Character needs to eat, and cooking meals or brewing medical potions can help keep everyone in good shape.
Every Adventure is Different
With over 250 cards in the base game, including various Events, Beasts, Adventures, and Treasures, as well as many unique scenarios, each game of Robinson Crusoe feels like a completely new adventure that will stay in your memory for a long time. Robinson Crusoe is truly a Board Game That Tells Stories.

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