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Kingdom Rush [Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time | Vez'nan vs. Moloch | Spider Goddess | Sir Gerald Lightseeker vs. J.T.]

Kingdom Rush [Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time | Vez'nan vs. Moloch | Spider Goddess | Sir Gerald Lightseeker vs. J.T.]

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The organizer does not support the 3D towers.

• Weight: 2600g

• With all components inside the lid will sit flush. It can be stored vertically.


Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time, where you and your allies must work together to fend off the furious onslaught of the mysterious Time Mage. A magnificent game with tremendous components, that needs to be arranged well and clear. Laserox has brought you an organizer that makes set up and clear up super fast, and helps you find all the pieces you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Take up battle with the hordes, build or pass your towers, but do not forget: the Time Mage will stop at nothing as they try to take over the Kingdom and neither should you - archers ready!


• Supports premium sleeves for Reference cards (tested with 90 microns)

• Horde and tower cards fit in the storage without sleeves, as they would not fit on the game board either

• Easy-to-draw tower card holder

• Labelled hero figurine and monster boss tray,that supports painted minis

• Thematically engraved and labelled hero tray with all hero components

• Monster trays with boss special cards

• Labelled and engraved boss monster figurine tray with card slots

• Double horde and portal card holder

• Tray for exit, portal tiles, player colour markers, spawn tokens and building site cards

• Engraved damaged tile tray for easy sorting

• Engraved expansion token holder

• Engraved crystal and heart tray

• Spider tray

• Monster wave holder tray

• Small map tile case with easy-to-grab handles

• Upgrade tile holder


• Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time 

• Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time – Vez'nan vs. Moloch

• Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time – Spider Goddess Expansion

• Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time – Sir Gerald Lightseeker vs. J.T.

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