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KELP - Shark vs Octopus (Pre-order)

KELP - Shark vs Octopus (Pre-order)

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  • Estimated Release Date:  Oct 2024 

  • Deluxe Bundle includes:

    • KELP KS Deluxe Edition

    • Mini Expansions Brilliant Behaviours

    • Deluxe Components

    • All Applicable Stretch Goals

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Kelp – Shark vs. Octopus is the new fresh and exciting 2-player game. Hide and seek meets bluffing and manipulation. Deck builder meets dice bag builder. Inspired by the fascinating natural behavior of Octopuses and Sharks.

Game Overview

Playing the Shark is more of a tactical role. Find and attack the Octopus. Build a network of currents to move around the board faster. Get new dice. Grow. Mitigate your luck. Gain one-time abilities. Risk it all.
Playing the Octopus is more of a strategic game. Learn new abilities. Choose your strategy: Will you lay traps for the Shark? Are you bold enough to go for food yourself? Or will you focus on moving and hiding?
There are 3 ways the game can end:
The Shark wins by successfully attacking the Octopus.
The Octopus wins by surviving until the Shark is exhausted or by eating all four seafoods.
During the game the Shark gets hungrier and hungrier. If they place the last die on the hunger track, the Octopus wins.
Eating food means coming out of hiding, but it also gives the Octopus powerful one-time abilities.

Game Contents

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