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Hollywood 1947 (Deluxe Edition)

Hollywood 1947 (Deluxe Edition)

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  • The Deluxe Edition pledge contains:

    • Hollywood 1947 (Deluxe)

    • Costumes Expansion Pack

    • Stretch Goals

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The year is 1947 and you are a member of the thriving movie-making industry of Hollywood. However, it is suspected that there are communists hiding among your small production studio slipping “un-Patriotic” messages, themes, props, and lines into your movies! Will you be able to find all the communists before your studio is shut down? Or will you be suspected yourself and banned from the industry?

In the game each player will secretly be a Patriot, Communist, or Rising Star. Each round every player will have a unique Job to perform (such as the Screenwriter, Gaffer, Director, Actor, Editor, etc). These jobs will affect what kind of movie is getting made that round, what cards are in players’ hands, and who will receive special information. Players can choose to skip their jobs to instead re-roll any two of the dice in the game. At the end of each round the players with stars showing on their dice will get to add a card into the movie.

The added cards will be shuffled, one will be removed, and the rest will be revealed. The team with the majority of revealed symbols (including the symbols on that round’s movie poster) wins the round! Indicate the winning team for the round by placing that team’s matching film-strip over the movie poster. The first team to win 4 rounds wins the game! The Rising Star plays both sides by trying to make the game go to 7 rounds and making the 7th round a tie.

Hollywood 1947 is a social deduction game. You must never show your cards or loyalty to anyone, but you may say whatever you’d like about the cards you put into a movie, or about your true allegiance. Open discussion about which cards were added into a movie is encouraged. However, if you are a Communist or the Rising Star, lying will often help you accomplish your goals since the majority of players will be Patriots.

That’s a wrap. Most players get the hang of the game after only a few minutes. So let’s go make some movies, but be careful who you trust!

Hollywood 1947 is the 5th standalone game in the Dark Cities Series by Facade Games. Previous games in the series include Salem 1692, Tortuga 1667, Deadwood 1876, and Bristol 1350.

Game Overview

The game happens in up to 7 rounds. In each round a certain genre of movie will be made as indicated by the movie poster for the round. The Screenwriter can use their turn to choose between two genres. Otherwise, a random genre is drawn.
Players will each get a turn to perform their unique job. These jobs affect the cards in players' hands, the types of movie being made, abilities to add extra cards, etc.
Instead of performing their job, any player can use their turn to re-roll any two dice.
After all players have taken their turn the players with stars showing on their dice will add a card from their hand face down into the center.  Open discussion about which cards were added is encouraged, but players on the Communist and Rising Star teams may try to deceive the others.
One card is added from the deck, the cards are shuffled, and one is removed. (If they use their special abilities, the Composer and Editor may influence this step).
The cards are revealed and the team with the most symbols (including the symbol on that round's genre poster) wins the round! A round with tied symbols goes to the communist team. Indicate the winning team with that team's matching film strip. The first team to 4 victories wins the game! The player with the Rising Star loyalty is only out for themselves and aims to make the game go to the 7th round and make the final round a tie or +1 for either side.

Game Contents

15 large detailed movie posters give one of the teams a built-in advantage for each round.
9 Loyalty cards (disguised as a movie script) determine each player's team and will not be revealed until the end of the game.
9 eight-sided custom engraved acrylic dice are used to determine which studio members will be blacklisted for the round.

60 cards are used by players to secretly slip patriot or communist propaganda into each film.

9 semi-transparent plastic films are placed over the movie posters to keep score for the Patriots, Communists, and Rising Star.

Players will take on the job of 1 of the 9 members of the studio. Each job has a different responsibility, so every game provides you with a unique experience.

4 detailed gold plastic movie tokens are used by the Director to give extra power to certain players.

9 Wood Loyalty Tokens | The custom wooden carved and painted pieces are used by the Deluxe-exclusive Job, the Propmaster, to add a new level of intrigue!

5 Metal Tokens | Hefty metal tokens replace the plastic tokens from the standard edition, and a 5th token is added to the game in the form of a shiny metal popcorn bucket.

3 Expansion Posters | Each poster will include a special rule for the round, increasing the intrigue and re-playability of the game. Each has been illustrated by a high-profile guest illustrator and we are so excited to show them to you! These posters will be revealed throughout the campaign! Each poster will include a special rule for the round, increasing the intrigue and re-playability of the game. Each has been illustrated by a high-profile guest illustrator and we are so excited to show them to you! These posters will be revealed throughout the campaign!

3 New Characters | The characters will add even more intrigue and replay-ability to your copy of the game. We will reveal these characters throughout the campaign!

Each reward level on Kickstarter includes the Costumes Expansion pack! This pack adds a new character into the game (The Costume Designer!) along with her sketchbook of 9 unique costumes. 

Each costume has the ability to change the game for your side at just the right moment and adds another layer of intrigue to the game. This pack will sell for $10 after Kickstarter and will not be available in wide distribution.

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