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Dungeons of Infinity: Kingdom Cost (Pre-order)

Dungeons of Infinity: Kingdom Cost (Pre-order)

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  • Estimated Release Date: Dec 2022

  • The Gameplay All-In Bundle pledge contains:

    • Dungeons of Infinity Deluxe Edition (Miniatures)

    • Kingdom Cost Expansion

    With FREE

    • The Stonebound Saga Hero Pack

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Explore an unknown dungeon with up to 5 Heroes. The dungeon is created randomly as you explore. Experience over 100 different events that are randomly generated. Each game is a completely different experience. Never play the same game twice in your lifetime.

Single game or campaign play are available either cooperatively or competitively the game system adjusts to either. Dungeon enemies track you, lay in wait for you or follow you. The game system controls the events. As you explore the dungeon each hero has different ways in which they draw unwanted attention. It is up to you the player to manage and control your exposure in the Dungeon. Combat is decided by dice rolls, but the damage is not random.

Events and equipment are card based with over 400 cards. The game has scenarios that are designed for unlimited replayability and story-based campaign scenarios with secrets and surprises.

Description (Kingdom Cost Expansion):

An expansion to Dungeons of Infinity. This expansion adds two new Heroes, new Minions, new Sentinels, a New Dungeon Lord, a new 18 dungeon mini-campaign, miniatures, and three new areas to explore. The new areas are a Tower, a Prison, and a Cathedral. Conquer these areas to receive new rewards that will help you beat the dungeon you are exploring.

An exciting expansion for Dungeons of infinity that will add new gameplay and a continuation of the Epic campaign from the base game. The campaign in the base ended with a cliff hanger. Find out what happens next in the Epic continuation of the King Armiger storyline.

Includes solo, cooperative, story, and competitive play just as the original.

Game Overview

Dungeons of Infinity is a 1 to 5 player dungeon crawler that can be played solo, co-op or competitively. You can play through 30+ challenging dungeons in the campaign mode, or one of the 12 one-off scenarios! You can even create mini-campaigns by combining 3 scenarios for a more in-depth experience.

The Kingdom of Armiger - a land plagued with dark dungeons and even darker secrets. You are a hunter, tasked by King Armiger to plunge into the Mist and rid the land of evil. In your journey you will slay monstrous beasts, discover ancient treasure, and tread over the bones of the less fortunate. But beware of what hides in the Mist, lest the hunter becomes the hunted.

Choose from ten unique heroes - each with their own special abilities and strengths.
Purchase equipment from the merchant, or obtain ancient treasures to vanquish the evils within!
Then - delve into the darkest of dungeons and discover what lies in the mist!
Explore the mist and take on hordes of enemies. Use your character's unique abilities to defeat them and collect your rewards!

Dungeons of Infinity: Kingdom Cost is the first expansion for the base game.  

Kingdom Cost adds:

  • 2 New Heroes - Lux Armiger, and Mirra Inmensas.
  • A new 18 dungeon campaign that continues the exciting story of Lux Armiger's Kingdom.
  • Three new locations to explore - The Prison, The Cathedral, and The Tower. The new locations can be played standalone OR as part of the existing scenarios!
  • 3 new Sentinel enemies with their own unique AI decks.
  • 3 new Minion enemies with their own AI decks.
  • 1 new Dungeon Lord
  • Brand new 'Enhancement Cards' that give your characters powerful bonuses for completing the new locations.
  • 2 new standalone scenarios.
  • The base game Dungeons of Infinity is required to play Kingdom Cost.

Game Contents

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