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Cascadia: Rolling Hills + Rivers Bundle (Pre-order)

Cascadia: Rolling Hills + Rivers Bundle (Pre-order)

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  • Estimated Release Date: Aug 2024

  • The Cascadia:Rolling Hills + Rivers Bundle - KS Edition pledge contains:

    • Cascadia: Rolling Hills + Rivers - KS Edition

    • Cascadia: Rolling Hills + Rivers Promos

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Cascadia: Rolling is the newest series of small box board games from the award-winning design and publishing team at Flatout Games!

Two small box games, BIG fun for everyone!

The newest design by Randy Flynn, illustrated by Beth Sobel, and developed by the Flatout Games CoLab - the same team that brought you the multi-award-winning Cascadia and other hit board games!

Cascadia: Rolling is a series of puzzly flip-and-roll-and-write games featuring the habitats and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest! Simultaneously roll dice, collect wildlife, and complete habitat cards to fill in different environments in Cascadia. Use special actions to manipulate your dice, and dynamic completion cards to unlock powerful combos!

The rules are simple: roll your dice, collect wildlife and Nature Tokens, complete Habitat Cards, and fill in the puzzle on your personal Environment Sheet to create the most harmonious ecosystem in Cascadia! 

Cascadia: Rolling takes the same concept of balancing wildlife and habitats to create a beautiful environment over the course of 20 rounds. However, unlike Cascadia, Cascadia: Rolling is played simultaneously so it is even quicker to play and can be played with an unlimited number of players - all you need is one copy per 4 players! Although the core rules are simple, each unique Environment Sheet has its own twist so you’ll be familiar with most aspects of the game, but will be introduced to new challenges as you play!

Each version of Cascadia: Rolling has unique gameplay elements! Unique Action Dice, Advanced Completion Cards, and Environment Sheets included with both Cascadia: Rolling Hills and Cascadia: Rolling Rivers provide thousands of combinations of dice, cards, and sheets so no two games of Cascadia: Rolling will play out the same!

Each version of Cascadia: Rolling has 4 unique Environment Sheets which feature different gameplay elements. The core gameplay of collecting wildlife to complete Habitat Cards remains the same for each, but the puzzle of how you record your Habitats once earned varies greatly between the different sheets. This means you can easily learn the core rules, but experience a number of different puzzles each time you play!

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