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Board Royale: Survival Evolved [Returning Survivor!]

Board Royale: Survival Evolved [Returning Survivor!]

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All boxes received were not in mint condition i.e. dents/creases and hence selling at a lower price. Random box will be shipped out since box conditions varies. Please place order only if you don't mind the box condition.

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The Returning Survivor! Pledge is inclusive of:

• Base Game 2.0 - Update Pack

• Secret Weapons Expansion Pack

• The Wild Hunt Expansion Pack

• The Zombies Expansion Pack

• Missions Expansion Pack

• Skills 2 Expansion Pack

• All Applicable Stretch Goals


This pack is designed for the survivors that are already on our island. If you have the base game in your hands and want to add our new expansions, this pack is made for you. They will all fit in our Kickstarter exclusive box. And this pack includes the base game update deck that will include only the renewed cards from the new base game. It does NOT contain the complete base game!

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