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Bad Boss 2

Bad Boss 2

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Bad Boss 2: It is the Arses that get ahead! A humorous card game that requires you to be an Arse to win! Collect more office characters than your opponents and avoid being stuck with the dreaded Bad Boss.

The deck has 3 types of cards - Character cards which players try to pair and accumulate as many as they can, Arse cards which players use to sabotage others or to get ahead; and the Bad Boss card which everyone tries to avoid.

The goal is to collect as many pairs as possible while avoiding the Bad Boss card by using Arse cards to your advantage. There are 9 different types of Arse cards like Arse kisser, Lazy Arse and Smelly Arse which makes getting ahead of others hilariously funny.

The player that is stuck with the Bad Boss card when all the cards are players will be the loser and the player with the most pairs is declared the winner.

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