Learn N' Play

Learn N' Play is a pilot project initiated by Geekster with these objectives in mind:

• To onboard new gamers into the hobby

• To prep casual gamers moving into the mid-heavy level

• To allow gamers to playtest the game that is yet to be in their collections

• To offer a 1-to-N private session where our Game Master will guide and teach you how to game throughout the session

Weirdwood Manor How to Play

Gameplay Overview

Enter the world of Weirdwood Manor, where the magical and dangerous realm of the Fae intersects with the everyday world of the Real. You will assume the role of one of 6 asymmetrically designed characters and play solo or join up to 4 other valiant companions at the nexus of these two worlds; the actual Manor itself, ruled over by the enigmatic Lady Weirdwood.

The Manor is a mysterious and deceptive place where rooms and the pathways between them can shift as time progresses. The game features a unique temporal mechanic where actions in the game can move time forward and the connections between the rooms will shift via rotating corridor rings on the game board.

When setting up the game you will choose one of three Fae Monsters to battle against. Each Fae Monster brings it own unique mechanics and challenges you will need to overcome in order to win the game. As well, each monster will also bring along their Clockwork Scarab minions, who will skitter throughout the Manor, slowly infesting rooms and making life difficult on the players!

In order to win, you will have to defeat the Fae Monster before time runs out in the game or before any of their unique loss conditions trigger, such as killing or corrupting Lady Weirdwood or blighting the Manor beyond all repair.

Once you have selected the Fae Monster to battle against and have set up the game, you will select a first player and gameplay progresses clockwise around the table until the players win or lose the game. Each player turn follows this basic sequence of steps:

Step 1 - Plan Actions

Step 2 - Update Time

Step 2 - Other Considerations

Step 3 - Perform Actions

Step 3 - Follow on Events & Actions

Step 4 - Grow Stronger

Step 5 - The Monster Acts

After the monster acts, it becomes the next player's turn to plot and do battle in the Manor. Gameplay continues in a clockwise fashion around the table, as the players strive together to defeat the Fae Monster before the end of Day 12 or before the monster’s nefarious loss conditions trigger.

But even in victory, beware! For the monsters use a randomized deck of their own unique cards and their actions will change from game to game. And just when you feel you’ve mastered one monster, there is the next, more difficult monster with new behaviors to test your mettle against!