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Geekster offers a wide range of free-to-play modern tabletop games (subject to availability). This is the right place that helps you make well-informed decision to prevent impulse purchase. You can also bring your own tabletop games if all you need is a place for excitement.


Full MSRP will be charged if the game is returned in bad condition i.e. missing or damaged components, etc. We took great care of all our free-to-play games so we wish the same from you too.

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We have two tables (160cm (L) x 70cm (W) available for rent. Each table can cater up to 4 pax. Beverages are sold here separately too. Rental rates: a) 1-hr/Table: S$ 12 b) 4-hr/Table: S$ 40 Payment method: PayNow or Cash (Pay in store)

Booking Procedures:

1. Press on the 'Book Now' button below 2. Select a Table 3. Select a preferred date and time slot 4. Fill in the relevant information 5. Press on 'Book Appointment' Alternatively, WhatsApp us to help with booking.

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Locker Size:

- Height: 60cm - Width: 38cm - Depth: 42cm Rental fee: a) S$15 (monthly) b) S$5 (weekly) Payment method: PayNow or Cash (Pay in store)