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Zoo Vadis: Deluxe Edition / Gussy Gorillas (Pre-order)

Zoo Vadis: Deluxe Edition / Gussy Gorillas (Pre-order)

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  • Estimated Release Date: Dec 2023


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Zoo Vadis

What if the animals were the ones who ran the zoo?

…Presumably, this wild government would be built upon the support of fellow creatures and fueled by the fame, attention, and prestige of wide-eyed visitors. Naturally, the most aspirational beasts would lobby for a position in the star exhibit, and the lead star would be elected Zoo Mascot.

In order to join the star exhibit, each species must campaign its way up the hierarchy of enclosures with the majority support of animal voters. And the lead star will be the species that has earned the most laurels from both raving fans and jealous rivals along the way.

How does one gain support and earn laurels? Through crafty politicking, clever negotiations, and ruthless schemes. There can only be one Zoo Mascot, after all.

Where are you going? That is the ultimate question of Zoo Vadis.

Zoo Vadis is an evolution of Reiner Knizia’s classic negotiation game, Quo Vadis? It retains the elegant, political gameplay that fans have come to love while introducing many innovations and improvements by:

  • Enhancing the 3-player game and tailoring the board to all player counts through neutral, bribable figures—roaming peacocks
  • Widening the player count with a second game board for 6-7 players
  • Expanding the possibilities for strategic negotiation with asymmetric animal abilities
  • Increasing tactical opportunities with new special laurel tokens
  • Broadening the appeal of the theme and presentation with vibrant zoo art by Kwanchai Moriya and Brigette Indelicato
  • Enlivening the production with chunky animal figures and functional player screens

Like the original design, the game ends immediately when the Star Exhibit is full. Only the animals who have reached the Star Exhibit qualify for victory, and the winner is the player with the most laurels.


Gussy Gorillas

Gussy Gorillas are a peculiar group of primates that strive to keep each other gussied up and well-groomed. Through social grooming, these apes remove dirt, insects, and debris from the difficult-to-reach and difficult-to-see places of each other’s fur. Reciprocation is expected and awarded in this kind of monkey business! The player who acquires the most diverse and exotic collection of groomed goods will earn the respect of their fellow primates and be awarded the golden banana of victory.

In Gussy Gorillas, players start out with a personal deck of face-down cards. Without looking at the card(s) in their hand, players simultaneously trade or keep their hand, one or two cards at a time, to form a personal collection. Once all cards have been traded or kept, players tally their collections and the highest score wins — but pairs can cancel out and special cards are not always helpful, so trade carefully!

Similar to the popular game Hanabi, in Gussy Gorillas players hold their cards facing away from themselves...but instead of being a co-operative memory game, this is a competitive negotiation and bluffing game. Things get even more interesting once players realize that every card can either be very good or very bad for one's collection, depending on the context. You'll have to convince your opponents to keep bad cards for themselves and give great cards to you if you want to swing away with the win...

Game Overview

Zoo Vadis

• Position your animals: Add an animal to the Zoo by placing it in on an open space of a bottom exhibit.

• Use crafty politicking to advance your animals: Advance an animal from its exhibit by getting majority support from the players who are there. Convince your opponents to vote you onward through strategic negotiation and enticing bribes.

• Advance and bribe the roaming peacocks: You can advance a peacock from its exhibit without majority support. Use them strategically to block other players from entering exhibits, or bribe them with laurel tokens to get the majority votes that you so desperately need.

• Move the Zoo Keeper: The Zoo Keeper can be moved on top of any laurel token on the board. He lets you advance along that path for free (no votes required), but you won’t earn the laurel token that he is covering.

• Gain laurels: Gain laurel tokens by advancing through the zoo exhibits, supporting other animals, making deals with opponents, and advancing peacocks.

• Race to the Star Exhibit: The game ends once the Star Exhibit is full, but only players who made it there will compare their laurels — the highest total wins!


Gussy Gorillas

• Deal each player a facedown pile of 11 cards. Yep, that’s it.

• Hold Your Card(s) Facing Away From You: Simultaneously draw a card from your pile and hold it facing away from yourself, so your opponents can see the card but you cannot!

• Let the Wild Trading Begin: Simultaneously trade your hand with any opponent and add their offering to your collection.

• Sweeten the Pot or Keep Your Own Cards: You can always sweeten your offering by adding a second card to your hand. Or if you feel like your hand is valuable, you can simply keep the card(s) by placing it directly into your collection instead of trading it away.

• Don’t Stop Until You Run Out: After trading or keeping your hand, immediately draw a new card and continue trading and keeping cards until your draw pile runs out.

• Award the Golden Banana: After all draw piles are empty, tally your collection score. Apply special cards, cancel out pairs of numbers, and award the highest score(s) a victory banana! Play multiple rounds until one or more players gain two victory bananas and win the game!

Game Contents

Zoo Vadis

Gussy Gorillas

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