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Too Many Bones: Lab Rats Expansion

Too Many Bones: Lab Rats Expansion

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The things we can achieve with science! The Gearloc Council Internship Program (GCIP) is our first ever multi-Gearloc... Gearloc...! Comprised of four individual mini-mats, the GCIP brings strength in numbers. None of these individuals are particularly proficient in combat, but they bring their individual expertise and trove chest worth of stolen lab equipment into play.

Unlike other Gearlocs, they share a pool of equipment that can be unlocked with Training Points. Any of the four can use any of the equipment, but if one of them is KO'd, they and all the equipment they are carrying is lost for the duration of the adventure until you're left with only one. Think carefully about who you want it to be and what equipment you may want to leave available.

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