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The Last Bottle of Rum

The Last Bottle of Rum

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The Last Bottle of Rum is a pirate board game for 2 to 5 players, where you play as a pirate looking to trade its treasures for the very last bottle of rum of the archipelago... Prepare to explore uncharted waters, plunder your enemies and avoid the Kraken!

To win the game, a player will have to score the most victory points by digging up hidden treasures.

• Set sail and dig up golden relics, cursed chests and legendary dodo eggs. The first Captain to collect 10 booty points gets the last bottle of the archipelago and wins the game.

• On each turn, choose two cards from your hand. The cards you play determines the actions you may take. Cleverly combo actions and effects to overcome obstacles and keep pace with rival captains.

• Explore the archipelago, built with 37 tiles, and search for randomly scattered treasures. Each game is a new adventure!

• Fire your cannons on your opponents to slow down their treasure-hunting.

• Push your luck at the risk of being cursed and chased by the deadly Kraken!

• Play one of the unique characters and use your game-changing abilities when it’s least expected!

It's time to go on a booty hunt!

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