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Snowdonia: Deluxe Master Set with Isle of Man

Snowdonia: Deluxe Master Set with Isle of Man

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Snowdonia is a competitive or solitaire worker placement game, lovingly crafted around the idea of building railways in Wales, and – with multiple other scenarios – around the world.

Snowdonia: Deluxe Master Set contains the Snowdonia base game as well as all previously released promo cards and scenarios, along with five new scenarios: The Bluebell Railway, The Qinghai-Tibet Railway, The Mount Hakone Electric Railway, The Wye Valley Tourer, and The Malta Railway. This set also includes an automa (Botdell), designed by Dávid Turczi, along with a number of designer trains which are new to the Deluxe Master Set.

What's inside:

• Snowdonia

• Snowdonia: Bayerische Zugspitzbahn

• Snowdonia: Britannia Bridge

• Snowdonia: Candace Camille

• Snowdonia: Card 31 of 30

• Snowdonia: Essen 2012 Promo Cards

• Snowdonia: Jungfraubahn & Mount Washington

• Snowdonia: Lost Train Promo Card

• Snowdonia: Mrs Larkin's Washing Machine

• Snowdonia: Pen-y-Gwryd Hotel

• Snowdonia: Puffing Billy

• Snowdonia: Rolling Stock #1

• Snowdonia: Seasons

• Snowdonia: Supply Wagon/Cannon

• Snowdonia: The Battlepuppy Express

• Snowdonia: The Daffodil Line (the full set of cards found in the first print run; there were less cards for it in the Trans-• Australian Railway & The Daffodil Line printing)

• Snowdonia: The Lord Mayor's State Coach

• Snowdonia: The Necropolis Railway & Neuhauser Bockerlbahn

• Snowdonia: The North Pole & The Great Bridge Scrapyard Promo Tile

• Snowdonia: The Siege of Petersburg / The Channel Tunnel 1881

• Snowdonia: Trans-Australian Railway & The Daffodil Line

• Snowdonia: Wagons Expansion

Also includes promo cards that were previously print and play only (these were Kickstarter stretch goals):

• Princess Margaret Rose

• The Bought At Auction Loco

• No. 11 Prototype Engine

• The Breakdown Crane

• The Utility Loco

• Santa's Sleigh

• Krampus

• The Camoflaged Loco

• The Great Old One

• The Coal Train

• The Downbound Train

• Sen's Train

• The Scarecrow

• The Falkland Island Express

• The Birthday Train

• Terraforming Engine

• Thomas the W*** Engine

• The Unreliable Engine

• The Coal Train

• The Luggage (and this one will be altered, sorry)

• The Son of God

• The Guvnor's Engine

• The Love Train

• Conveyor Belt.

AND everything else...EVERYTHING Tony ever published/designed for campaigns/scribbled on envelopes etc!

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