Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game [All-In]

Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game [All-In]

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The All-In bundle includes:

  • Marvel Zombies core box
  • X-Men Resistance core box
  • Fantastic 4: Under Siege expansion KS
  • Hydra Resurrection expansion KS
  • Clash of the Sinister Six expansion KS
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Set expansion KS
  • Sentinel Strike expansion
  • Promos (Stretch Goals)
  • Marvel Zombies: Artist’s Special Edition Set
  • Marvel Zombies: Plastic Tokens
  • Marvel Zombies: Tile Set
  • Marvel Zombies: Extra Dice
  • Marvel Zombies: Galactus the Devourer


In Marvel Zombies: A Zombicide Game, the hunger takes hold after many superheroes in the Marvel Universe have been turned into zombies. You play as these infected heroes and will be eating people to satisfy your hunger...and objectives within the game.

Marvel Zombicide is a stand-alone game using mostly the same Zombicide mechanics but set in the Marvel Universe.

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