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Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall [Premium Collection]

Kinfire Chronicles: Night’s Fall [Premium Collection]

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  • Estimated Release Date: Aug 2023 

  • The Premium Collection pledge contains:

    • Kinfire Chronicles Board Game

    • Kinfire Premium Upgrade Kit

    • Unlocked Base-Tier Stretch Goals

    • Unlocked Premium-Tier Stretch Goals

    • Kinfire Audio Narration by Forteller

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In Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall, a 1-4 player co-operative, quest-based RPG board game, players take on the role of seekers, adventurers who are fighting to push back the darkness threatening to change and destroy the world of Atios. The game plays as a campaign of 15+ quests, and each quest takes an average of 45-60 minutes to complete. Within each quest, players can expect to make choices related to adventures, battles, NPCs to speak to, and more. These choices create a branching story in the game, allowing the entire campaign to be replayable.

Each quest has three phases: adventuring, battle, and exploration. In the adventuring phase, players make choices based on options presented on the quest cards and need to accomplish something (such as crossing a river or chasing down a suspect) by flipping the correct number and color of cards from their decks. In the battle phase, players work together to defeat enemies on a physical battle map. Turns are determined by drawing chits out of the destiny bag, with each enemy having numbered tokens that correspond with different attacks and actions. Players may play action cards on their own turns to do damage and can play boost cards on other players' turns to do things like reduce damage, move players, or even return a drawn chit to the destiny bag for redraw. The game doesn't end if an objective isn't achieved or an enemy defeats the heroes, but it will affect later gameplay and choice options. Lastly, on certain quests players can return to the city in the exploration phase to speak to NPCs, purchase items, and level up their decks.

Woven throughout each of these phases are cards that require you to make a choice, such as resting before moving on or charging into battle, or whether or not to spare someone's life. The characters in the game have their own set of morals and standards, and playing according to your character can earn you Kinfire tokens that help you level up. Ultimately though, the decisions you make are yours alone.

Kinfire Chronicles: Night's Fall

Jump right in with quick-start tutorials smartly packaged components. 20+ hours of epic gameplay with quick setup & manageable play session times (45-60 min).

Game Overview

Impact the campaign with the choices you make. 700+ story cards present you with decision points, mini-games, and individual character spotlights.
Work together to defeat your foes in card-based combat with unique shared turn mechanics. Dynamic turn order between players and enemies will keep you on your toes.

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