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Fantasy Realms: Deluxe Edition

Fantasy Realms: Deluxe Edition

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The Deluxe Edition contains:

•  The original base game with all new art and graphic design!

•  The Cursed Hoard, which includes two expansion modules, also with new graphic design!

•  The Jester and Phoenix cards, previously only available as promo cards!

•  100+ art sleeves to protect all the included cards, plus some extras!


In Fantasy Realms, you build your Realm, one card at a time, as you collect Beasts, Armies, Wizards, and more! Each card is unique and scores points based on the other cards in your hand. You start with seven cards, and each turn you’ll draw a new card from the deck or discard, and discard one card from your hand, always trying to improve your Realm! Whoever’s realm scores the most points is the winner!

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