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Cartographers Heroes: Collector's Edition

Cartographers Heroes: Collector's Edition

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Kickstarter Collector's Edition of Cartographers Heroes with a large box that holds Cartographers as well.

The larger box (318 x 227 x 72mm - Roll Player sized) and has room to store additional Cartographers content (sold separately) from Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, the original Skills Mini-Expansion, and the Ambush Mini-Expansion.

This version of Cartographers Heroes includes:

• All the content from the retail edition of Cartographers Heroes

• Custom plastic insert (supports sleeved cards)

• Map Pack 1 - Nebblis: Plane of Flame

• Map Pack 2 - Affril: Plane of Knowledge

• Map Pack 3 - Undercity: Depths of Sabek

• Skills Mini-Expansion 2 - 8 new skills cards + rules card.

• Colored Pencils: 20 colored pencils (4 sets of 5 colors)

The expedition to the Western Lands is the kind of honor that comes once in a lifetime for a royal cartographer. But these are dangerous times. War ravages the land, and you are sure to encounter Dragul forces determined to thwart Queen Gimnax’s plans for western expansion.

Fortunately, brave heroes have risen to the defense of Nalos. Chart their deeds alongside the queen's edicts and secure your place in history.

Cartographers Heroes is the sequel to the critically acclaimed map-drawing game Cartographers. It includes all-new map sheets, scoring cards, explore cards, and ambush cards with unique abilities.

Cartographers Heroes can be played on its own or mixed with components from the original game for a greater variety of gameplay possibilities.

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