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Brass [Brass Birmingham]

Brass [Brass Birmingham]

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• Weight: 500g

• Lid sits flush and it can be stored vertically.


Immerse yourself in the life of the competing entrepreneurs in England's Industrial Revolution, between the years 1770-1870. Expand your empire, form canals and raise rails, build and develop various industries.

Do all that and more with an organizer that makes setting up the game rapid and keeps everything shipshape as you play. Nonetheless with components designed in the true spirit of the steam powered world of Brass: Birmingham.


• Supports premium sleeved cards (tested with 90 microns)

• Designated space for player boards

• Steamboat shaped player trays for all player components

• Beer-train

• Iron and coal wagons

• 3 separate trays for Location, Industry, Wild and Player aid cards

• Crate for Merchant tiles

• Treasury tray for Money tokens


• Brass: Birmingham

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