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Barrage: The Leeghwater Project Expansion

Barrage: The Leeghwater Project Expansion

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The Water Revolution Continues...

You've learnt the basics, now it's time to take Barrage to the next level! The Leeghwater Project is the first, big expansion to the base game, which provides new, powerful tools to put into practice your winning strategy. Harness the power of the Dutch Company, meet new Executive Officers, take a calculated risk with the External Works, and expand your action possibilities with the brand new Private Buildings.

The Water Revolution rages on: on you ready to prevail?

1. New Company: The Netherlands - Miss Ellen Vos brings you a new Company Board, ready to unleash the power of the long lost Jan Leeghwater pump technology and squeeze every drop of energy out of each production!

2. External Works - Similar to Contracts, but better! Sacrifice your precious Machineries to get powerful bonuses, free constructions, and Victory Points! But choose wisely, or you'll hinder your development...

3. New Executive Officers - Expand your dream team of specialists with four new Executive Officers. Try new, exciting Company-Executive Officer combinations and strategies!

4. Private Buildings - Does the Management Board seem a little tight? Just build a new one! On an Extra Management board, you'll find new, exciting actions with 10 randomizable Private Building tiles. Create a Wind Farm to increase your energy output, build a Research Lab to gain more control on your Construction Wheel or become an energy master with your very own Control Station!

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